Hosp Hegen Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft

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Hellbrunner Straße 9a | 5020 Salzburg

Tel. +43 (0) 662 843131

E-Mail: office@hosp-partner.at

Our fields of activity

We always try to find sensible, economic solutions that are orientated to the future for our clients. We advise, represent and use our knowledge in a targeted way. Thus we ensure the best possible representation for all our clients. Our work is always true to the philosophy of our law office. Whatever may be the legal problem you present to us, we will represent you in all areas of Austrian and European law.

General Civil and Contract law

We examine your claims according to civil law, your contractual claims or various claims for damages and push these through for you or fend off unjustified claims as required. We work over the whole legal framework in order always to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We frame and examine contracts, conclude contracts and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of out-of-court settlements as well as providing representation in legal proceedings.

Labour law

Your productivity in good hands. The HOSP, HEGEN Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft draws up labour contracts for you. You are advised on the reasons for employment contracts, their formation and alteration as well as termination. Let us help you with the preparation and introduction of employment or service-provision contracts as well as on the conclusion of normative and free works agreements in your business. We also protect your interests in the Labour and Social Courts.

Banking law, Capital Markets law and Securities law

We advise and represent you in all fields of banking law: Asset investment, deposit banking, securities and capital markets law, stock market law, account and portfolio management, payment transactions, protection from claims for rescission, financing, the law of collateral security. We mainly undertake representation of banks and other financial institutions (capital investment/investment companies, savings and loan associations, securities services companies and investment firms). Here we offer our clients extensive advice on regulatory issues (Prevention of money laundering, financing terrorism, compliance, etc.). We represent you out-of-court, in court proceedings and in proceedings with the supervisory authorities.

Building law

Matters concerning building law are also one of our specialist areas. You are supported in questions concerning building permits, as, for example, special planning law reclassifications, building permit procedures, or in the assertion of your rights as the neighbour of a property developer.

In addition, we represent both clients and contractors in all building contract or services contract litigation, thus from litigation in connection with settlement of accounts to litigation concerning defects in construction of any kind.

Tenancy law and Lease law

We represent and advise you in all legal matters concerning tenancy and lease law. Our fields of activity stretch from the establishment and drawing up of tenancy and lease agreements to their termination. Also in disputes concerning rental agreements (rental litigation, preservation work, actions for repossession, etc.) we will represent you both in and out of court.

Inheritance law

Do you need assistance drawing-up testamentary declarations, wills, legacies or inheritance contracts? Let us help you. We can represent you in probate proceedings, deal with probate for you and carry through your claims, including the reserved portions of your estate, either in court or out-of-court. Likewise we can advise you on the division of your assets among your heirs and draw up the necessary agreements, such as an agreement for the delivery of possession, or the giving-up of the right to a compulsory portion.

Execution and Insolvency law

Do you have unmet claims? If necessary we build up a dunning process and make your claims recoverable. We represent you in private and company insolvencies, and rehabilitation and debt regulation procedures.

Family law

Our law office advises in all conflict situations concerning family law and represents you in litigious or consent based separations as well as parental custody litigation and maintenance procedures. We establish individual marriage and maintenance agreements and assist cohabitation arrangements through legally binding agreements.

Warranty law and Product liability

We represent both customers and businesses in connection with all questions relating to warranties or product liability. Here we work in the field of moveable goods and property, as well as real estate. Defects in acquired or liquidated real estate and defects in construction also come under our specialist areas.

Property law

We deal with the full process of property law purchases and sales including incorporation in the land register and general management. Our law office is a member of the anwaltliche Treuhandrevision [lawyer peer group]. We advise and represent you in all further aspects of real estate law as, for example: easements, residential property law, developer contracts, apartment use rights, rights to enjoy the income and profits from land, etc.

Register law (Land register and Company register)

We can inspect the Land register and the Company register, and carry out all the requisite Land register and Company register entries for you. You can refer queries concerning the Civil register, Trade register or Associations register through us.

Tort law

Assertion of claims under Tort law or defence from these. In both cases you need help. Whether following a traffic accident, skiing accident, any other kind of sports accident or a criminal act by another person. Whether in the case of breach of contract or following the violation of safety obligations. With the violation of obligations of advice and explanation or following defective products – we are beside you, to offer advice and represent you.

Penal law, Administrative Criminal law and Disciplinary law

We enforce your rights, as a suspect or a victim. Whether in front of the police authorities, public prosecutors, disciplinary authorities, administrative penalty authorities or the courts. We represent you in the out-of-court settlement of punishable actions or look after your claims as victim or a private party in penal proceedings.

Traffic and Accident law

Our law office advises and represents you in all proceedings which are in connection with a traffic accident. In the case of penal proceedings, administrative penalty proceedings, disqualification from driving proceedings, granting of insurance protection or the assertion of claims for damages according to civil law, we are your dependable partner.

Commercial law and Company law

Your business is growing – that is good news. Let us accompany you and your business, from its foundation, via its expansion at home and abroad, up to the takeover of the business or its sale and the associated due diligence.

Competition and Intellectual Property rights

Your claims under Competition, Trademark or Copyright law often have to be asserted or protected judicially and out-of-court against competitors. In addition, we advise you about the risks and the questions of liability with violations of competition by business partners and manufacturers or suppliers.